Studio 2 Kemper Profiles


The EAST Studio2 – A little 2 watt amp that sounds and responds like a much larger amp. This is due to its unique push-pull output stage driven by a pair of 12AT7’s. This amp does it all from clean to aggressive. Sound samples are provided for multiple settings from clean to pushed, push+, overdrive and distortion. You also have the ability to hear all these settings with four different guitars to experience the tonal change from one to another. And finally, expertly recorded by Jason Sadites, utilizing no EQ or effects, you get the amp as it is meant to be, allowing you to be the final mix-master. Two micing options are provided: the ubiquitous Shure SM57 as well as a Cascade Fathead 2 ribbon mic (actually chosen over the Royer 121), enabling you to blend the combination of large beautifully encompassing full range tone with additional presence, should you need to make a track cut through the mix.

(All of the sound files below have no compression or eq added. These are the sounds as recorded directly from the profiles. A splash of small room reverb is added as part of the profile, less as an effect but more to make it sound as if it was played in a room. The only exception to this are the “Clean” profiles which have a touch of compression never exceeding 1db of gain reduction, as clean tones are usually touched with compression in the studio setting. We wanted to give the listener a good example of what you can expect from the raw profile tones both solo and in a mix. All profiles were created using software version 3.)


Guitars Used:

Gibson Memphis ES339 (Maple/Poplar/Maple Laminate body, Gibson Burstbucker pickups)

G&L ASAT Classic (Swamp Ash body, G&L Large MFD neck pickup, G&L Asat Classic bridge Pickup)

G&L Legacy HB2 (Swamp Ash body, Seymour Duncan ’59 neck pickup, Seymour Duncan TB-4 bridge pickup)

Godin Core CT P90’s (Cedar body with Maple top, Seymour Duncan Vintage SP-90-1 neck pickup, Seymour Duncan SP-90-3 bridge pickup)

Michael Tuttle Custom Strat (Mahogany body wuth quilted Maple top, Dimarzio PAF 36th bridge pickup, Dimarzio Area 67 middle and neck pickup)