About East Amplification

EAST Amplification is the newest offering from renowned, innovative amp designer Jeff Bober.


Circa the mid 1980’s, Jeff Bober began his career repairing and modifying tube guitar amplifiers for local, regional and national artists. Honing his craft in this very specialized field year after year under the company name of Precision Audio Tailoring, he had the opportunity to work with some very notable performers. “Probably my biggest thrill at that time was to be able to build some gear for Stevie Ray Vaughan. He was very happy with the amplifier and cabinets that I had designed and built for him, and wanted me to build another amplifier, but unfortunately his life was cut far too short.”

In the mid 90’s, he began producing a small combo amp for a Washington DC based company, which was called the Fenton Basic 110. That amp piqued the interest of his soon-to-be business partner, Scot Sier, and in 1995 a new company, Budda Amplification, was born. In a time when most companies were offering their models in the ubiquitous 50 and 100 watt ranges, Jeff’s initial offering with this new company was a little 18 watt fire breather known as the Twinmaster. Not designed to be a clone or copy of any other amplifier, this instrument had a voice and a feel all its own. The merits of this low powered amp would be questioned by many, but soon players worldwide would find virtue in being able to “open up” a lower powered amp, enabling the output tubes to become an integral part of the tone generating process. And so the low wattage amp revolution was born! Since that time, Jeff has been designing and producing some of the most respected amplifiers in the business under the name Budda Amplification.


Since his departure from Budda in late 2009, Jeff has launched his new company, EAST Amplification and is designing amplifiers that he considers to be the natural progression in product design from his previous brand. Different yet similar, these amps also have a voice of their own while retaining the same feel and touch sensitive response that made his previous designs so revered by all levels of players. His first offering, the Studio2, is a full featured, huge sounding, versatile 2 watt recording and small venue masterpiece, which is once again firmly cementing his position as “The Godfather of the low wattage amp revolution”.

Enjoy your trip EAST.